25 kitchen gift ideas for under $25 bucks is your one stop shopping guide for all the foodies in your life. It’s officially the holiday shopping season. That means you need to find gifts for family, friends, co workers and secret Santa’s. All those gifts can add up fast costing you a lot of coin. I wanted to put together a list of affordable gifts that anyone would love to receive. Each gift is an item I personally own and use on a regular basis. 

I want to be transparent and up front so I’m going to level with you. All of these items contain affiliate links so if you click on any of them and make a purchase I receive a small kick back from amazon. I’m definitely not getting rich off of these links but it does help especially around the holidays. Sharing this post with others on social media also helps me grow this page and continue to provide tons of free content. I can’t express how thankful I am for the support of all of you and I hope that everyone has a fantastic holiday. If you have any questions about any of these items please feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

Gifts are in no particular Order

Kitchen Shears

One of my favorite ways to prepare chicken or turkey is using the spatchcock method. Removing the backbone with a knife can be a little tricky but with a good pair of kitchen shears it’s a quick and easy process. These shears are a great gadget for trimming poultry as well as other meats.

8” inch Chef Knife

If you only own one knife this is the one I feel you really can’t live without. Obviously you can spend hundreds of dollars on a good chef knife but I wanted to share a knife for less than $30 that is just as good as much more expensive blades. Well balanced comfortable handle and a blade that stays sharp this is the workhorse knife  in my kitchen.

Knife Sharpener 

If you want to keep your knives sharp and your blade straight you need to take care of them. The easiest way is to periodically sharpen your knives. This is a great sharpener that will give your knives a sharper blade in just a few strokes. I like to give my knives a little tlc every few days. Remember most knife injuries happen from dull blades not sharp ones.

Paring Knife

Sometimes your chef knife is just a little bit too big for the job. That’s when a paring knife comes in handy. Whether you’re slicing cherry tomatoes or deboning a chicken a paring knife is perfect for those small precision slices. Second to my chef knife this is my most used blade especially when butchering meat.

Japanese Mandolin

Slicing paper thin veggies is an art form that takes years of practice. Or you can skip those years and use a Japanese Mandolin. The razor sharp blade slices and juliennes your veggies with ease. Perfect for salads, making pickles or zucchini noodles for your favorite low carb pasta recipes

Pastry Bags

These disponible pastry bags are handy for making all sorts of desserts as well as the best way to portion out the filling in deviled eggs. I use these pastry bags to plate my cauliflower puree as well as preparing my Pumpkin Churro Chaffles. you can pair this gift with a Cake Decorating Kit for any keto baking Enthusiasts

Chop Stir Meat Chopper

this is the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite foodie. When I first saw someone using this on Instagram I was skeptical but figured for under $10 it was worth a shot. Sounds stupid but this thing is so handy for evenly chopping ground meat for Chili and Casseroles. The meat is chopped evenly so you don’t have big hunks left while cooking. If you prepare lot of ground meats this is a great kitchen gadget.

Immersion Stick Blender:

If you make mashed cauliflower purée or sauces of any kind this tool is essential. The whisk attachment is perfect for making your own whipped cream or whipped egg whites for baking recipes. Emulsifying aioli and hollandaise is a breeze when you have an immersion blender in your kitchen.

Milk Frother 

It’s definitely hot drink season and whether you’re blending up a bulletproof coffee or your favorite bone broth a handheld milk frother is a  handy gift. I use my frother almost everyday when I make my morning coffee. If you like that frothy latte look then I highly recommend you pick one up for the coffee lover in your life.

Instant Read Thermometer 

One of the most important tools in a kitchen. If you eat meat you need to know what temperature it is. Cook steaks to perfection without guessing. Juicy tender pork chops that will never be overcooked. Never wonder if your chicken is fully cooked again. The perfect gift for the pitmaster.


Tongs are an extension of your hands on the kitchen. Don’t buy tongs that bend and break after a few uses. There’s nothing worse than picking a roast up to plate and your tongs give out. (I’ve seen it happen) use tongs that a sturdy and durable. I use my tongs almost as much as I use my chef knife 

12 inch Cast Iron Skillet

I’m breaking the rules of this list by 99 cents because I think it’s that important. Every cook should have a 12” cast iron skillet. It’s the most versatile pan you’ll ever own and you’ll literally be able to pass it down for generations in your family. My brother and I had very intense discussions over who would get my grandmothers cast iron when she passed. It was probably close to 100 yrs old and so smooth you could fry an egg on it and it would slide right off the pan. Take care of your cast iron and it will take care of you.

Cast Iron Cleaning Set

I just told you how wonderful cast iron pans are and how important it is to properly take care of them so they will last forever. This is my favorite set of items for taking care and cleaning said cast iron.  It only takes a little hot water and elbow grease and the way I figure you can burn a few calories scrubbing after you eat dinner.

Wooden Grill Scraper

No more cheap grill brushes that leave metal pieces on your grill that can end up in your food. These new wooden scrapers are a safe way to clean your grill with ease. They mold to your grill grate keeping your grill clean and safe from metal needles from cheap brushes.

Mini Waffle Maker

If you haven’t had a Chaffle yet then you don’t know what you’re missing. Cheese and egg mixed together, grilled until crispy and used in a variety of ways. I make Chaffle sandwiches at least a few days a week and if you haven’t tried my Katz Deli Keto Rueben Copycat than you need to purchase one of these waffle makers immediately!!!

Non Slip Mixing Bowls 

There’s nothing worse than having your mixing bowls sliding all over your counter tops when your trying to whisk with one hand and pour with the other. Well until we evolve and grow a third hand my best solution for now is these non slip mixing bowls.

Oven Gloves

No more clumsy oven mitts or pot holders. These oven safe gloves allow you to keep your Dexterity without burning your hands. Can handle heat up to 425° and have a textured grip so you won’t drop anything. Great for grabbing casseroles out of the oven or a roast off the grill. Easy to get on and off without fumbling around.

One Handed Can Opener

Might seem like a silly gadget but boy does it come in handy. You can easily attach it to the side of a can and with one hand simply squeeze the spring loaded can opener as it perfectly opens any can without any jagged edges. It’s one of those gadgets you didn’t know you needed until you try it.

Egg Cooker:

I love deviled eggs but I despise peeling hard boiled eggs. This egg cooker was truly a game changer for me as the eggs peel with ease every time. You also have the control to make soft boiled medium or hard boiled and there’s even a mini omelette pan for quick steamed omelets 

Plastic Cutting Boards

I love a big beautiful butcher block cutting board, I have a few of them but the fact is when I’m whipping up a quick dinner or cutting raw meats these plastic cutting boards are what I grab first. They’re easy to wash and sturdy enough to handle chopping and dicing. Great for tailgating or camping as well. This is a great set because you still get the the wooden cutting board for displaying your food but the functionality of the plastic cutting surfaces as well.

Digital Scale

When I first started my weightloss journey this was one of the first things I bought. You need to know how much something weighs if you intend on properly portioning your food. I would place a container on the scale zero it out then fill it up. To my surprise I quickly realized how much I was overeating. When you actually take the time to measure your food you have a much better gauge of how much your eating.


I use my microplane constantly for grating Parmesan cheese on all sorts of recipes. You get these paper thin strands of cheesy deliciousness that showers down onto your food. Please don’t use that sawdust in a green can at the store that they claim is cheese. Get yourself a small hunk of either Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano Reggiano and microplane your tastebuds to happiness. Also a must for zesting citrus as you see on my Lemon olive oil cake recipe.

Measuring Cup

As a chef I think I can speak for other chefs when I say we hate to measure. That being said, I’ve learned that as a recipe creator I need to make sure my directions and amounts are spot on especially for baking. A set of measuring cups is an Essential part of any properly equipped kitchen 

Measuring Spoons

You can’t have measuring cups but neglect to have a set of measuring spoons. Since you can buy one of each and still be under $25 bucks it’s like giving 2 gifts in one.

Silicone Baking Mats

Never worry about food sticking to your sheet pan again. Every time I bake cookies without a silicone baking mat I’m left praying that they won’t stick to the pan leaving me to scrape them off with a spatula. These mats are also a must for making Chicken Crust Pizza. You can form the dough right on the mat and bake. You can slide your food right off with ease.

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