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Keto/Low Carb Lifestyle & Recipes​

Culinary Lion is part personal weightloss journey and part Ketogenic Recipe Archive. I’ve always been a creative force in the kitchen and want to share my food with this Keto Community. ​

Here you will find easy to prepare keto and low carb recipes, some using familiar ingredients, some a bit more exotic. If you’ve become bored with the same old recipes you’ve come to the right place. I’ve taken My over twenty year experience as chef and put those skills into transforming the foods I love into keto friendly cuisine. I hope this site helps you expand your culinary keto skills while introducing you to new and exciting flavors combinations.

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Latest Recipes

Chicken Jalapeno Popper Soup

All the flavors of Jalapeño Poppers but in soup form. This easy instant pot recipe is ready in less than 1 hour and packed with spicy cheesy goodness. This Jalapeño…

Low Carb Dill Pickle Pizza

Don’t let all these NYC pizzeria’s have all the fun. This KETOFIED Dill Pickle Pizza is a mind-blowing flavor bomb of nuclear proportions. Creamy Ricotta Ranch white sauce topped with…

Low Carb General Tso Chicken

This highly requested recipe is possibly my all time favorite Chinese Takeout Meal. The sweet and spicy general Tso Sauce with crispy chicken is truly a mouthwatering treat for your…

Baja Taco Bake

Baja taco bake is my version of a very popular keto taco casserole. I wanted to put a twist on it and add some texture to this recipe. By adding…

Fall Harvest Cinnamon Pecan Chicken Salad

A sweet twist on your boring chicken salad recipe. Perfect for fall this Chicken Salad is full of flavor with Lolli’s Cinnamon Pecan Clusters and Crunchy Roasted pumpkin seeds. This…

Bacon & Boursin Egg Casserole

Fresh Roasted Veggies combined with salty bacon and creamy Boursin cheese makes this egg casserole the perfect brunch recipe. Bacon & Boursin Egg Casserole is one of my favorite Sunday…
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